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The fact that a very large price gap between petrol and gas drives ever-increasing numbers of drivers to use LPG. Will gas prices rise? It is possible, but for obvious reasons, the gas will never be more expensive than oil.

Gas is a side effect of the purification process of crude oil. The statutes of the waste and by-product has limitations in establishing the price of such fuel. As predicted portal Gazeo.pl - gas prices will always be a 40-60 percent lower. from oil prices.

A very important aspect in the context of automotive gas installation is ecology. The studies, show that the use of LPG compared with petrol will dramatically reduce emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

If we compare the emissions of petrol, unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG, you can see that nitrogen oxides, such as hydrocarbons and carbon oxides and hydroxides are produced by all fuels, but the lead only for petrol. However, the most dangerous product of combustion, which is the sulfur dioxide and lead are absent in the LPG, and are non-combustible hydrocarbons from the combustion of LPG much less harmful than other fuels (LPG does not contain aldehydes and aromatic smells).

Appreciation for ecological fuel LPG also suggest higher thermodynamic properties, facilitating more accurate combustion. Compared with the use of LPG or petrol results in significantly lower emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere. Reduction of pollution can reach about 60 percent in the case of carbon monoxide and 10 percent for carbon dioxide.

Historically, car manufacturers and authorized service centers strongly revived assembly of gas installations in new cars. The reason was that lack of adequate gas systems that meet customers' expectations, which does not allow for the fact that his new car can sometimes go out for example: when you approach the intersection or turn on the so-called coping. "Idle ". These and other deficiencies have been forced to endure the vehicle owners choosing to installation of gas and the First and II-nd generation.

The situation is different. With the launch of the installation sequence and new cars doczekaly a safe, pre-mounted power supply system of LPG and CNG. Among manufacturers offering vehicles with gas include: Mitsubishi, Subaru, VW, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Fiat, Opel, Seat and Skoda and even Mercedes and BMW.

In fact, those who have the most money are those who most respect their value. Gas system is a great solution that allows you to save a lot the operation of the car. This is particularly true of large cars - including luxury cars, which definitely does not belong to economics. Therefore, view car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Subaru and even the auto-gas stations should not surprise anyone. Especially since modern gas installations to ensure a high comfort of use, lack of engine power drops. And when the gas runs out electronics automatically switches to petrol power. These undoubted advantages convinced the owners of luxury vehicles to run on LPG fuel.

The gas tank is not a bomb in your car

Gas is a mixture of explosive at a time when its concentration in the air indoors is between 1.5 and 3%. According to research conducted by independent institutes min. ADAC is not possible to break the tank. In addition, in case of fire tanks are protected from the sharp increase in pressure.

At the time of the accident to the vehicle ignition usually occurs because of the spilled gasoline. In fact, the gas tank of an additional buffer. Is properly constructed and secured. In the worst-case consequences of car accidents, is one of the few parts of the car that are not damaged.

Engine power than LPG

Installations older generation (especially when abnormal regulation) may cause a decrease in engine performance when working on etylinie and LPG. The reason may be the place and manner of the introduction of gas into the engine intake system. The mixing of gas which, in the First I and II-nd generation gas installations in the area mount air damper, works like a traditional carburetor using the Venturi effect. Unfortunately, to obtain a linear characteristic mieszalnikowego system work, this mixer reduces considerably the diameter of the intake air. Which consequently results in a decrease in the power supply petrol by up to 10% and another 5% for LPG supply, of course, depending on engine design. Using the gas injection facility, if the installation was done properly, riding on the gas a little by losing about 2%, while riding etylinie power remains unchanged. From this it follows that the maximum speed is comparable to the drop while running on petrol.

Of course, we assume that refueled the gas is of good quality. Modern systems do not cause a reduction in engine power. Professional regulation may even increase the power of the application of LPG.

Specyfic smell

The smell of gas should not be pleasant. Deliberately gives it a distinctive smell that was noticeable for security reasons. In modern installations, with a good installation, this problem does not occur. Unpleasant sweet-sour smell accompanied us most frequently in older cars equipped with the facilities and the First and II-nd generation. In modern sequential gas injection systems specific smell gas, there is no because the gas is injected precisely in the area of motor valves as well as gasoline.

However, when the injectors are switched off the engine is closed and is not even a trace amount of unburned gas. Consequently, the specific smell does not irritate the customer. Another place where I can feel the smell, but already burnt exhaust gas to the car prior to us. And this situation persists, this happens only in installations of the old type, but only in those ill-regulated.

What is LPG?

LPG stands for "liquefied petroleum gas" and is also known as "autogas". It is a mixture of propane and butane and comes from the oil reefing process. LPG is now produced in vast quantities in the UK.

What happens in the process of LPG conversion?

A second independent fuel system with its own tank is added to the car, often in place of the spare wheel or underneath the vehicle.

Will I lose boot space?

Gas tanks are available in a range of different sizes, and loss of space can be kept to a minimum by installing a doughnut shaped tank into the spare wheel well.

Does that mean I can't carry a spare tyre?

Depending on the size of your car, it is possible to have the system installed underneath the car. If not, you can keep a can of tyre foam so you can reflate and seal the puncture until it can be repaired.

How safe is LPG in an accident?

Very, much more than petrol or diesel. It's a common misunderstanding that because LPG is a gas, it's highly explosive. However, because of the way it's stored, it can't explode in an accident as it never comes into contact with oxygen, unlike petrol. Furthermore the LPG tank can survive far greater impact than a normal petrol tank and has numerous in-built safety devices.

Do lots of people use LPG?

Latest estimates claim that there are 115,000 LPG vehicles in the UK and nine million worldwide with numbers constantly increasing. The Queen, the Prime Minister and the President of the USA all drive LPG cars.

What is going to happen to LPG prices?

Because the Government is trying to reduce pollution, and LPG is proven to be more environmentally friendly, LPG will remain, in the near future, much cheaper then petrol or diesel.

What happens if I run out of LPG autogas while I am driving?

You will be able to flick back to petrol by a button or switch until you reach an LPG autogas refuelling station.

What type of vehicle can take LPG?

99% of petrol vehicle can be converted to dual-fuel (petrol and LPG).

Where can I refuel?

There are now over 1,500 refuelling centres in the UK and the number is growing daily.

How much does it cost to convert?

This depends on the size of the vehicle and your requirements but it usually starts from around £1600. Please use the 'Price Enquiry' form for a quote.

How does it affect the environment?

LPG is one of the cleanest fuels on the market because it is a very clean burning fuel. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions (20% less when compared with petrol).

How does it feel to drive a LPG powered car?

The Power Loss on a quality LPG conversion is around 1% - 3%, which is imperceptible to most people. Some systems can reduce power by 10% or more - so choosing the right system is vitally important.

How long does the LPG Conversion take?

We usually return your car within 4-5 working days.

Will it affect my insurance?

No UK insurance company is known to increase it's premium on LPG powered cars.

What type of servicing does it need?

Continue with a normal service but arrange for us to check out the system annually.

If you would like more information please contact us anytime.

Standard prices

4 cylinders car from £ 1000
5 cylinders car from £ 1100
6 cylinders car from £ 1200
8 cylinders car from £ 1300

If you would like more information about cost to convert your car please contact us.