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ECU Remapping Northampton

These days all vehicles are controlled by an "Engine Control Unit" called ECU (see picture - ECU in BMW X3). An ECU is responsible for parameters of work of engines in every condition of load and speed. That is how injection and gearbox or traction controls should works is established by a manufacturer's by table of value called map.

Usually memory of ECU has hundreds of those maps and thousands of single values. Changing some values in those maps (using professional equipment) will effect changes in the way the mechanical elements work. ECU Remapping optimizes parameters in those maps which effect an increase of performance and flexibility in revs over 2500 rpm.

The results we can get are:

  • a safe increase of power and torque (depends on engine). In engines without a turbo safe increase is around 10 %, in turbo charged engines (petrol and diesel) safe increase of power is around 30%
  • increase power and torque of engine will increase vehicle dynamic

Also having access to engine management details we can:

  • change power and torque in any range of revs
  • increase range of revs speed
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • adjust electronics to any previous mechanical modifications
  • adjust parameters to different source of fuel (LPG, Biodiesel)

chiptuning northampton high tech engineeringchiptuning northampton high tech engineering

Main purpose of chip tuning is to adapt vehicle to individual requirements of the owner.

Let's see some main features:

  • ECU Remapping does not affect lasting of engine if is serviced regularly
  • ECU Remapping will not increase fuel consumption, but will reduce it
  • ECU Remapping boosts vehicle power but mainly increasing torque
  • ECU Remapping allow to gives individual character to a vehicle as a client requires

ECO Tunning - what is that?

It’s a ECU (Engine Control Unit) software optimisation.

All manufacturers have to limit the power and mpg of their vehicles in order to adhere to the many different markets they face. From simple things such as differing fuel grades around the world to issues with marketing and affordability. So most of vehicles always underperform both for power and for fuel efficiency. Our economy tuning releases vehicles true potential for both Fuel economy and C02 reduction.

We simplify the whole issue with an expertly optimized economy tune on vehicle, delivering the optimum economy for the vehicle and providing a delightful increase to the power at the same time.

Savings are between 7,5% - 15% on trucks or buses and 5% - 15% on vans.

ECUs can be tuned to deliver considerable extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, mid-range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly increasing MPG return and driving pleasure.

Benefits and saving calculation

  • up to 20% improved fuel economy
  • improved MPG - Reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)
  • enhanced sharper throttle response
  • smoother more progressive power delivery
  • power and Torque improvements
  • undetectable

How much your company will save?

All vehicles can be tuned in our garage, but also we offer a complete mobile ECU remapping service, on site at a convenient place or depot.

chiptuning calculator northampton high tech engineering

Type of vechicle SAVINGS PER ANNUM Av mpg
and Savings
No of vehicles within a fleet
1 5 10 20
Car or Van
30 000 miles p.a.
£ 864,00 £ 4 320,00 £ 8 640,00 £ 17 280,00 28 mpg
15 %
Truck or Bus
60 000 miles p.a.
£ 3 732,00 £ 18 660,00 £ 37 320,00 £ 74 640,00 9 mpg
10 %
Fuel price (netto) £ 1,20