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These days, electronics are everywhere. Most of the devices that surround us are controlled electronically. Ranging from watches to washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, etc.

It's the same with cars. In modern vehicles, everything is controlled by the electronic modules:

  • The Engine Control Unit - controls the operation of the engine and its components
  • ABS controller - controls the ABS and ESP systems
  • SRS module - ensure the proper operation of airbags
  • Comfort module - controls the central locking, power windows and alarm
  • Other modules: lights, audio, suspension, brake control, etc.

To diagnose and repair today's cars technicians need the right equipment and a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience.

High Tech Engineering has the latest scanners. We work only on the original diagnostic equipment. We have proper diagnostic equipment for most cars on the market and extensive knowledge.

Our experienced and highly trained technicians can quickly identify the problem to be able to effectively remove the cause of the faults rather than the result. In this way we help our clients (and other workshops) to save a fortune on repairs service.

Regardless of the type of problem we are happy to take any challenge - even those where other workshops have already been passed hands.

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